2016 Membership Renewal


2016 Membership Renewal Period has ended

Should you be interested in continuing your annual membership please contact Cindy Deltano at 508-339-5327 or cdeltano@verizon.net




Current Dues Schedule

The club membership year goes from September to September. New members that join during the year pay only a prorated amount of the annual dues.

New members that took a firearms safety class from a Mansfield Fish & Game instructor can receive a $25.00 discount on their first year's membership dues.

All new regular members pay a one-time building-assessment fee of $100.00.

The current dues schedule is shown below:

Regular membership dues: $100/year.

Spouse Membership:
additional $20.00/year.

Junior Membership:
additional $10.00/year.

Senior members (65 years or older) who have 5 or more years of consecutive membership, in good standing, are currently exempt from paying dues.

NRA or GOAL membership is required for all regular, life and junior members.