2015 Membership Renewal Period has ended

Annual dues to the Mansfield Fish and Game Protective Association, for the 2015 membership year, was payable by Wednesday, October 1, 2014. 

Pursuant to Article 10 section 2 of the Mansfield Fish and Game Protective Association By-Laws members receive a 30 days extension to pay dues and continue membership.  

This extension ended on Saturday, November 1, 2014.  Should you be interested in continuing your annual membership please contact Cindy Deltano at 508-339-5327 or cdeltano@verizon.net


Current Dues Schedule

The club membership year goes from September to September. New members that join during the year pay only a prorated amount of the annual dues.

New members that took a firearms safety class from a Mansfield Fish & Game instructor can receive a $25.00 discount on their first year's membership dues.

All new regular members pay a one-time building-assessment fee of $100.00.

The current dues schedule is shown below:

Regular membership dues: $100/year.

Spouse Membership:
additional $20.00/year.

Junior Membership:
additional $10.00/year.

Senior members (65 years or older) who have 5 or more years of consecutive membership, in good standing, are currently exempt from paying dues.

NRA or GOAL membership is required for all regular, life and junior members.